The Journey so far

Born in Trinidad and Tobago, leaving to come live with my uncle in the UK in the 90s. After leaving secondary school I decided to explore my passion for music and attended Raw Material Academy in Brixton in 2007, later becoming a youth mentor, whilst working on my first mixtape ‘State Matters’. Where I began to perform the songs live at Raw Academy shows, open mic events and festivals around London. The highlight of which was The Finsbury Park Festival 2008–2009.

I then joined and featured on several songs by M.A.D and BLK NZ records such as ‘Mothergrym’, ‘G Street 6’ and ‘Wyldlife.’ From 2009 to 2012. Following my experience I began working with producer and long time friends K-Felony and Mista Gigga, forming a trio that performed tracks such as ‘Attention’ ‘On The Floor’ and ‘It’s Over’ from 2012 to 2014. Gaining all this experience in the industry it was time to set out on my own. Being largely self-taught I spent years building a private studio to practice recording and mixing. Honing my craft with the dream of becoming an independent powerhouse.

When my studio was complete, I made my first unofficial EP release titled ‘No Warning’ in 2016, which is available on Soundcloud. Again taking to the stage at open mic events around London. With my new music I began to build traction and make a name for myself with fans and fellow artists a like.

Taking a step in a new direction, I then launched Faross Entertainment Ltd as my own label company and released my first official EP ‘Momentum’ in 2018. Accompanied by music videos for tracks such as ‘Aza’ and ‘Faith’ from the album. I took it to the stage with Sound of Showcase and local radio stations such as Flamesradio, LondonHottRadio and LoveDaBeatradio including several American stations. Which helped me reach fans online from around the world. Including Australia, Korea, Japan, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, The Netherlands and America.

I then released the single and video ‘Plenty Bumpa’ with Tommy Tappah. A version excursion, fusion of Soca and Techno House in 2019. Performing around London, we took it to local radio stations and music festivals in Cyprus and Trinidad, and are still building traction for the crossed genre to this day.

Following the lockdown, I continued to work behind the scenes to release the single ‘All My Life’ with PharrroLyfe, followed by single and video ‘Sometimes’ with Mr A.Jones, produced by PharrroLyfe in 2020. Taking it to the stage and gaining the attention of local radio stations LoveDaBeatradio, CroydonFM and ChoiceFMUK.

I travelled to northern England for several months and gained a plethora of experiences on the music scenes in places like Manchester, Leicester and Sheffield just to name a few. Returning to my hometown in South London. I felt re-invigorated. Which has encouraged me to improve my lifestyle. Health is wealth after all and without it no amount of success matters. Reducing my alcohol consumption dramatically (preparing for an inevitable era of abstenance) I began to lose my taste for red meat. All necessary stages to my evolution.

I am currently working on my next project which is very close to my heart and evolution. Mapping my journey and emotional growth through the stages of my life to bring you up to speed on where my soul speaks from. When Tears Run Dry is due out in early/mid 2023.

All the while working with my brothers and sisters of The House Of Alchemy (H.O.A). After the release of the song "Sometimes" I continued to work heavily with Mr A Jones and we eventually decided to bring other artists in as we both knew a lot of people in music. So we formed the foundations of H.O.A. The ethos is simple. We are alchemists, we transmute negative energy into positive via music our outlet. H.O.A is now a collective of artists that have banded together to bring you such a variety of styles under one flag. The journey has been amazing so far. So stay tuned and look for us online and at venues near you.

Thank you for reading.
Blessings & Essence


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